Why work with SRA Corporate Change?

Because we deliver results.

We facilitate strong strategy; develop exceptional leaders; create positive and high performance workplace cultures; and increase corporate wellbeing.

Our team offers a range expertise that allows us to work with a broad spectrum of clients, from small professional service firms to major public transport providers. We tailor our services to the needs of the client, drawing on our certified coaches, experienced consultants, workshop and training facilitators, and in-house resources.

We choose to work with clients who echo our values, and we carefully select only those jobs  that we know we can skilfully and effectively create lasting value for. If we think you would receive better value elsewhere, we will tell you so.

Our clients tell us they love working with us because we are remarkably real, we tailor our services to best suit the needs of our clients, and we provide exceptional value for money, every time.


“I have utilised the services of SRA Corporate Change Agents for training and coaching both personally and for my team on many occasions. Each time Sara and her crew have provided value driven sessions with measurable outcomes and have exceeded the expectations each time on their ability to understand our requirements.”  

– Candice Gillies, Director NAI Harcourts

Read more about the results we deliver here, or client testimonials here
We pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money through each of our services and delivering high impact, lasting outcomes.  While we have a range of workshops and programs, our preferred way to work with most clients is through a Tailored Program.

Working with us is different to working with any other consulting firm because: 

  • everything we do is all about the specific needs of our client
  • we’re not one size fits all; and
  • we blend the best of traditional and alternative methods to create optimal outcomes.

Wondering how we can help you unlock potential and achieve high performance?

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Joining our team

We believe in finding the right people first, and then slotting them into the right role. If you are aligned with our values, if you are passionate about creating positive change, and if you have a skill set that you believe would fit with our business, please get in touch.