The Silver Bullet

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The Silver Bullet in Leadership

How great would the practice of leadership be if there was always a silver bullet – a single act that would resolve an issue in one hit?

Imagine how much time and effort it would save.

A lot of leaders are looking for this magical silver bullet… but is simply doesn’t exist. The search for the silver bullet is akin to putting all your eggs in one basket – it’s a high risk strategy almost certainly destined NOT to yield the outcomes you seek. And it’s no way to lead an organisation.

In a recent video Consistency or Intensity Simon Sinek explores this idea. He asserts that instead of the silver bullet, simplicity and consistency in action and behaviour are fundamental in creating the enduring change sought.

Short, explosive bursts of energy (the silver bullet) may result in quick outcome and a sense of satisfaction or achievement, but the reality is that these benefits are likely to be short-lived. And they typically result in a more complex approach and solution… one which detracts from where the focus and priorities should be.

In the work we do in organisational culture and leadership, we help our clients nail those simple things they need to do on a consistent basis to create enduring results. Often, even within the same organisation, this can vary from one leader to the next; depending on their individual strengths, leadership capability, and team performance.

Success in leadership is the sum of the little things you do consistently well. What do you do as a leader that supports the success of your team?


Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman is a Director of SRA Corporate Change, as well as a mentor, coach, facilitator and senior consultant. 

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