The keys to high performance

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We’ve spent a lot of time understanding and learning about high performance cultures – looking at the organisations we work with to understand how they consistently perform so much better than those around them. And the answer is… well, surprisingly simple!

There are three fundamental elements at play in a high performance culture:

1. Engagement

Your people are fully involved with and committed to their work, and motivated towards working in a manner which enhances the organisation’s interests. Other key stakeholders have buy-in. There is a real sense of presence from the organisation’s leaders which inspires your people to lift their game. Communication is adequate and open. A ‘can-do’ attitude is prevalent.

2. Alignment

Your people understand the organisations strategy, vision and values, and resonate on an emotional level with them. The leadership is strong in keeping people focused and moving forward together. There is a consistent goal-orientation.

3. Capability

Your people know how to do their jobs, and have the ability to deliver at the level you require of them. They have a sufficient standard of personal wellbeing, and the opportunity for growth. They receive ongoing development not just in their technical capabilities, but also other aspects such as leadership, supervision, collaboration, relationship building, giving and receiving feedback etc. Innovation is encouraged and the climate is empowering.

Get these elements right and you’ll be on your way to a high performance culture in your organisation.

It IS a long journey to achieve this outcome. But if your organisation is ready to take its performance to the next level, you can start now:

  • which one of the three areas do you feel your organisation most needs to address?
  • what is one simple action you can undertake now to take a step forward in that area?
  • how would it feel to have achieved this?

Once you have given some thought to these questions, I have a final one for you…

What are you waiting for?

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