Client testimonial: Tasplan CEO Wayne Davy

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Tasplan – an industry super fund with 100,000 members and over $3.3 billion invested. 95 staff across Tasmania.


  • Change management services for merger with another superannuation fund, Quadrant.
  • Intensive leadership development program with senior leaders.
  • Development of company values and behaviours.


The Tasplan/Quadrant merger is being lauded nationally in the super industry for its success.

Employees at Tasplan were surveyed before we commenced working with them in 2015, and again after 12 months. The results were exceptionally positive.

  • Over 95% of employees have a clear understanding of the company values (an increase of close to 30% on the previous year)
  • Over 90% of employees are satisfied with Tasplan as an employer (an increase of over 31% on the previous year)
  • Over 85% of employees trust Tasplan as an organisation (an increase of over 37% on the previous year)


Wayne Davy, CEO

SRA have created substantial value through their work with us. They’ve helped to unify two cultures, no easy feat. By building communication, encouraging more authentic conversations, guiding the way for collaborative processes and supporting our leadership team, they have assisted us to navigate the entire change management process successfully.

The team at SRA continue to create positive energy across Tasplan. They are flexible, professional and value for Tasplan is always front of mind. SRA tailored their solutions to the issues and challenges presented while remaining engaging, relevant, and accessible.

Tasplan’s people and the organisation as a whole are much better off for having worked with SRA, and I would recommend Sara and the team to support any business through change management processes.


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