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SRA has enjoyed working with Zach McArthur over the last 10 years in a number of different ways (client, partner, provider, & collaborator) and we continue to be inspired by his approach to leadership.  He is a rare example of someone who truly wants to build his people to be better off than when they first started working with him.  We thought you may enjoy learning a bit more about him too!  


Tell us about your business (elevator pitch)?

At McArthur Financial we are boutique and bespoke.   We are a Business cultivating excellence in our staff and for our clients.   We are focused and ensure that our clients are supported in the journey through life, with guidance, advice, coaching and education in wealth creation, goal setting and review. We love the connection that we build with our clients.


What excites you about the industry you work in?

The industry is constantly changing.  I love meeting different people and delving into their stories and helping them create the next chapters in their life.

Whilst we are investment professionals, I find the connections built through deep understanding of personal circumstances to be the most rewarding part of our offer.

Our supportive ongoing proactive service and offering ensures that we are timely, consistent and hopefully clients are never surprised.

We focus on the long term and with that we filter our all short term news and support our clients through global, & local investment markets markets


How would you describe your leadership style?

This is a difficult question to answer, however when asking our team and form feedback in the past the common words are; relaxed and energetic, supportive, entrepreneurial and strategic.


How do you measure success for yourself as a leader?

Longevity of tenure with staff and ensuring that whilst I have been given the opportunity to build a relationship with them that they are “better’ when they are following their dreams.  Evolution is also the key to keeping me entertained and ahead of the wave.


What would you consider to be your professional highlight during the past year?

We are only 2 and half years old, so everyday highlights the excitement & challenges of running a small business.  I’m however very happy that I made the move from big corporate to a small and nimble enterprise.

Professionally we are extremely well supported by professional and independent accounting, insurance and legal firms locally as well on the mainland.  This has been a humbling highlight especially to see that there are firms that believe in the role that and external professional provides for clients best interest.  We are really happy to be part of their panels and advisory support networks.


Are you a cat or dog person?

Dog, sorry cat lovers.  I love the energy that a dog brings.  Although the only pet we have in our family is a Mini lop, Latte Coloured Rabbit called Harry.


What is your favourite place in the world?

This is very hard question to answer.  Lisa and I were lucky enough to spend 2 winters in Canada, back in the late 90’s early 2000’s.  If Australia was no longer the amazing place to live, we would love to move the family to Vancouver.


Please provide a link to your website/social media so people know how to contact you.

We are looking to build a presence in social media through education and timely support over the coming months so watch this space. We love direct contact so please call us at the office on (03) 6332 9354 or my mobile 0418 575 496.

I’m on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachmcarthur

And our website is:  www.mcarthurfinancial.com.au


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