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Tell us about your business (elevator pitch)?


I am a business and life coach and I help small business owners who feel stressed, overwhelmed and stuck in their business, get unstuck and build beautiful businesses and lives.


What is something that you can tell us that people might not know about your business?


I firmly believe that your business is what it is today, because of who you, the business owner, are today; your business is a direct reflection of you, and it’s impossible to know where you stop and your business starts. That means that if you want your business to become something different than it is now, you will have to become someone different yourself first. In other words: If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to be someone you’ve never been before.

I go on journeys with my clients to discover what their beautiful businesses and lives can look like and then we go and build it, together.


What excites you about the industry you work in?


I believe small business owners often feel stuck an overwhelmed and I believe business owners often feel inadequate in their role as entrepreneurs. At the end of the journeys my clients and I undertake together, they have renewed enthusiasm and energy for their business. They feel in control of their futures and have learnt to acknowledge themselves as leaders. I simply love being part of those journeys and adventures and seeing my clients start to lift their heads and start to look at the horizon again.


Can you tell us about one or two of your success stories?

It is hard to choose just two from amongst my many clients over the past 15 years. I become closely involved with my clients when we go on the journeys I mentioned above and most of my clients end up being close friends. But any selection I might make would include these two:

  • Narinder Badhan Singh, owner of QE Foodstores. Narinder was one of my first clients and when I met Narinder, he was in his early twenties and just hanging in by his finger nails running a small innercity specialty supermarket. But Narinder had decided it was time to change things and start to take the whole business owner thing seriously. We were introduced to each other and we got under way. Now, 13 years or so later, there are 10 QE Foodstores and each store makes healthy profits and provides great careers and livelyhoods for his staff and whenever he opens a new store, his new customers come and bring him flowers to thank him for opening in their neighbourhood. More about Narinder in the next question as well.
  • Mathew Stubbs from DesignTribe in Sydney. Mathew is an architect and when we started working together he was working out of his second bedroom with his life partner as a junior. He was a great architect, but as he says himself, he simply had no clue about business. He and I set to work to turn him into a real business owner. Now 10 years later, DesignTribe thrives. It’s recently bought and converted a warehouse in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for it’s own offices and employs about 20 people. Mat and his partner have built a truly beautiful business and life.

Who is a leader that inspires you?


I’m going to mention three:

  • Brene Brown, Texas professor of social science, researcher in shame, it’s origins and effects on people’s lives, author and speaker, mother of 6 children. One of my favorite quotes from Brene is: “The opposite of Scarcity is not Abundance, rather it is Enough.”
  • Graham Long, former CEO and Pastor of The Wayside Chapel in Sydney, author and speaker. One of my favorite quotes of his: “Salvation wears running shoes. The line in the Lord’s prayer is: “Thy Will be Done… “ Not, Thy will be contemplated and discussed and prayed about and formed committees about”… Life only ever changes as a consequence of what we do”
  • One of my oldest and most successful clients: Narinder Badhan Singh, owner of QE Foodstores in Sydney. Narinder lives and breathes what Jim Collins in his famous book “Good to Great” identifies as “Level 5 Leadership”, like no other business owner I’ve ever met. Level 5 Leadership is characterised as being fiercely ambitious not for oneself but for the organisation as a whole and especially the people of the organisation. I’m constantly amazed by Narinder’s focus and determination to improve life for everyone who is part of the business in some way.


What is your favourite place in the world?


Hard to choose between Jervis Bay on the NSW south Coast, Freycinet Peninsula in Tassie, the city of Perugia in Umbria in Italy or the city of Groningen in the North of Holland, they’re all special places to me in different ways.


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