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Kim Millar is a Communications Specialist working with written, verbal and/or visual methods, specialising in TV production, Freelance writing, Media training, Presentation/Voice training, Business communications, Crisis communications & MC/event hosting. This month, we were thrilled to sit down with Kim to find out a bit more about her remarkable career, her experiences as a journalist and the importance of communication…


Tell us about your business (elevator pitch)?

That’s actually a tough question for me. In a basic explanation, I have a small business, Kim Millar Communication and I work with written, verbal and/or visual methods of communicating. I find the best way to answer this question is to explain what it is I’ve done in the past month. So, this past month I have produced and directed a TV series on Road Safety, I have written an annual publication for a client, hosted several events as MC/facilitator assisted with a media PR event, conducted several 1:1 presentation and public skills sessions with a range of clients… oh, and trained as a yoga teacher!


What excites you about the industry you work in?

Lets face it, I’m really just a voyeur or ‘sticky-beak’! As a storyteller and former journalist I thrive on finding out more about people. Communication channels may change but ultimately as human beings we have a need to be connected – once it was communication over the back fence with the neighbour, now we are talking instantaneously with anyone around the world. It may have become more sophisticated, but ultimately communication is about sharing ideas, beliefs and thoughts.


Can you give us one or two of your success stories to tell us?

I don’t hold onto successes to be honest – as the saying goes ‘you’re only as good as your last job’ so ‘success’ isn’t a word I tend to use. Aren’t we all making our way through life, doing our best and looking forward – not looking back?

If I need to put a label on success then I can list that I was the first female, and the youngest person, to be promoted full-time into the Senior News Producer role at Southern Cross Television in 1997. I had never given this much thought until last year when the #metoo movement made me reflect on my career. It was then I appreciated how over my career I have had the professional encouragement of many great male leaders who supported me in several roles. Sadly, we are finding out this is not the case for all women in media.


What is the most exciting thing you did over the past year?

In the past year there has been a growing demand for my public speaking and presentation skills training services. This is where I believe I can make a real difference. I can give people a voice. There are so many amazing people with knowledge to share but they hold back, either lacking confidence or afraid to speak publicly. In the new social media and live streaming landscape, everyone is a public presenter.

I was privileged in my 25+ years with Southern Cross Television to have regular access to one of the great NIDA voice teachers, Lorraine Merritt and this experience I am able to now pass on in a professional capacity.


Who is a leader that inspires you?

There are global and recognised leaders in the world of course I could list – but those that make the biggest impact often are those who work quietly; sharing knowledge, providing support and promoting positivity with selflessness. I distinctly remember a moment when a former boss said a simple “thank you” – quietly, privately and without fuss, after we’d both had a 15+ hour day. That simple act of genuine leadership has stayed with me for years.


What is your favourite place in the world and why?

HOME! There is no better place to be than at home with my husband and two teenage sons. OK – so the conversation is usually just limited to “what’s for tea?”, “who’s taking me to training” and “pass me the remote” but really the cliché couldn’t be truer – there is no place like home. Away from home as a family, we all have a love for Vietnam. We’ve been three times and each trip acts as reminder of how our boys are growing and developing their own sense of understanding of what’s around them – moments that we don’t tend to notice on a busy day to day basis.


Please provide a link to your website/social media so people know how to contact you.

It’s true – I have worked in media/marketing/comms for 30+ years, yet I haven’t even set up my own website. I can be found on LinkedIn or the old fashioned way – by email: kim.l.millar@bigpond.com




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