Toby Newstead

Communication is Toby’s passion and her profession.

As a leadership development practitioner and scholar, Toby understands both the theory and practice of good leadership. Good leadership is both moral and effective; it is moving people to do the right things in the right ways and for the right reasons. Good leadership begins with self-leadership, a leader must cultivate their own character before they can lead others well.

At the root of good leadership is character and character is composed of virtues. Virtues such as courage, wisdom, resilience, forgiveness, kindness, justice, integrity, and honesty are the essence of character. Toby advocates a character-first, virtues-based approach to leadership development.

Toby’s work is underpinned by her hands-on experience in the communications industry coupled with a degree in Professional Communications, a PhD in Management (leadership development) and her continued research and teaching with the University of Tasmania’s School of Business and Economics.

Toby provides coaching, consulting, and workshop delivery in areas including; virtues and character, virtues-based leadership development, and interpersonal and assertive communication.

Before Toby begins any project, she clarifies the goals and desired outcomes – which allows her to deliver exceptional value, every time.

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