Nic Stephen

Nic’s vision is to grow purposeful and resilient leaders that grow in their self-belief and confidence multiplying the same belief throughout the teams they lead.

Nic believes that through the development of leadership attitude and behaviour combined with learning techniques that cut through the noise of super-busy workplaces, we can spread transformational health throughout our organisations.

Nic’s responses to life’s ups and downs stands proof to his deep personal mission to deliver empowerment through understanding and self-awareness. Nic was blessed to receive life’s golden ticket in 2013 – surviving a stroke, firming his resolve to stand strong. An event like this makes you sit up and consider your life in quite a different way, a purposeful way.

He has held positions with private training providers, peak sporting bodies, large franchise operations, recruitment and employment agencies, as well as spending his early career as a school teacher – where the drive to inspire others was born. Nic has worked across the business spectrum, developing a great diversity of skill, experience, knowledge and practice. To Nic, outstanding leaders develop and breathe life into those around them, helping others to believe in themselves and drive transformational change.

Nic’s strives to grow purposeful and resilient leaders that can spread transformational health throughout the organisations. Helping organisations build cultures worth belonging to and leaders worth following is a compelling vision and one that drives energy and inspiration every day.

Through our programs, we approach growing the capacity of people through adopting a strategic and tiered delivery model that works by: Identifying current workforce health, exploring WHY cultural health is so important, defining WHAT the desired culture involves, developing leaders in HOW to deliver on healthy outcomes, & measuring WHAT has changed through return on investment technology.