Our Story

Sara’s passion for creating positive change inspired her to grow her one-woman show, and in 2012 she launched SRA Corporate Change.

With SRA Corporate Change Agents, Sara has brought together a group of people to work together in the pursuit of creating positive change – both for their clients, and in their own lives.

Each member to join Sara’s team prescribes to a set of shared values: excellence, authenticity, presence and courage.

Sara believes that everyone has unique and amazing talents. The SRA team has grown not so much as a planned activity where people have been sought for specific roles, but in a more organic way – where the right people have been drawn to the organisation and our values. Each team member has found their own niche within SRA – a place where they can explore, demonstrate and grow their ‘unique and amazing talents’… for the benefit of clients, partners, staff and them self. The team now sits at eight, with a further dozen people involved as associates.

As a recognised thought leader in areas such as leadership, workplace culture, and corporate wellbeing, Sara and her team bring together the best of traditional and contemporary approaches, and this reflects in the way in which SRA engages with clients, and delivers services. The organisation is constantly evolving in an endless loop of personal development and organisational improvement – each feeding the other. This focus on staying at the forefront of knowledge, and of leading best practice is fundamental to our approach.

What will SRA Corporate Change Agents look like in three years’ time? As Sara says, every day is full of opportunities to witness or even create moments of joy, kindness, possibility, connection, growth… to realise potential… to create positive change. As an organisation which embraces these moments, it’s hard to predict where we’ll be. But we know we’ll continue to love what it is we do.

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