Our affiliates

We align with affiliates who share values similar to ours and deliver exceptional service and outcomes. 

Leadership and Change Consultant’s mission is ‘making a difference’ by value adding to organisations, businesses and individuals. We are a Tasmanian based business established in 2011, and specialising in Leadership and Mentoring, Change Management, Facilitation, Organisational & Team Development, Business Planning & Efficiencies, Conflict Management and Governance.

The SESC mission is to empower clients to lead authentic, energised and passionate lives that are as unique as they are. We coach clients through the process of gaining clarity and confidence so they’re empowered to create the change they want to see in their lives.

Ascent 21 are passionate about working with leaders who are committed to making a positive contribution within their businesses or communities. They have worked with teams across a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism, to develop strategy or lead from an execution perspective through change and program management.

Kate Cashman started The Breath Between to help teach people about the importance of rest and renewal. The world is busy. We are all SO busy. But there is so much beauty, joy and renewal in the spaces between the ‘busyness’. Kate is on a mission to help busy professionals find the time, this space and strategies to bring them rest and renewal in their busy lives.

We partner with Horizon Management Group, who focus on working with clients to implement essential HR processes required for effective management of people in the workplace. They do this using a fully integrated series of templates and checklists as well as the training workshops required for empowering line managers to use the processes and deliver results. Additionally, Horizon help businesses with day-to-day HR support and problem solving.