Moments that matter…

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Moments that matter…

Leaders who inspire me really know how to make the moment matter – often. When we are frequently conscious of the choices we can make as leaders, and the associated impact/s, we are best placed to make a positive difference to individuals and the whole team.

Each day leaders are faced with dozens of ‘touch points’ where they can be consciously choosing to create a positive impact. What are some great opportunities for leaders to take ordinary moments and turn them into impactful moments? There are many, including:

  • Pausing to really hear what someone is saying, and then check your understanding by feeding your observation back to the person
  • Taking the time to provide genuine, specific recognition for a job well done
  • Collecting one’s thoughts to provide appropriate, timely and respectful constructive feedback
  • Reading the room in a team meeting and ensuring that those less outspoken are given permission to voice their views
  • Sharing a mistake you made and a learning you take from the mistake
  • Enlisting help from someone else so that they can be empowered to make a positive difference too.

As with any real behaviour change, we need to make the decision to change first and then establish a new habit to ensure the change gains traction. This can take several weeks of consistent effort so establishing daily rituals to support the behaviour change become essential. SRA find the following daily rituals to be incredibly effective:

  • Set up your intent – taking a few minutes at the beginning of each day to plan for the most impactful actions you intend to take that day;
  • Review – taking a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on the moments that mattered and identify any opportunities for the following day;
  • Hit pause – several times through the day stop yourself from moving forward quickly, and instead pause to consider the opportunity that may present itself in the here and now;
  • Share the desired behaviour change with others who you trust, and ask them to give you feedback on any improvements that they notice.

Right now is one of those moments that you can choose to turn into a positive leadership action. What will you do?

Sara Redman

Sara Redman is a Director of SRA Corporate Change, as well as a mentor, coach, facilitator, speaker, MC, and author.

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