Are you taking care of your mental health?

May 14, 2019 by

Did you know that May is Mental Health month?  This is an opportunity to take stock of your mental health and consider how you are, what is working well for you and what you can do to improve or prevent mental health issues.  As with any aspect of health, it makes sense to be preventative and proactive, and to start by taking care of ourselves first.

One of my favourite bloggers is Arianna Huffington.  I love how genuine and real she is and how successful she has been in raising awareness around the issue of burnout, mental health and the importance of getting the basics right – like sleep, downtime and offline time.  Here is one of her latest articles.

This has inspired me to get serious about taking more breaks from the screens.  I must admit that I have become addicted to wordscapes and solitaire lately, and have been surprised how much time I spend on these lovely escapist games!  They have started to sneak into my wind down / bedtime routine and replaced books and yoga….which I know is not a good thing.  So, I am going to commit to breaking this habit at night time.  I will let myself play these games during the day when I want to have few minutes of downtime – and I will fully enjoy it – but at night I will get back into an engaging novel.  What can you do this month to build your mental health?

Sara Redman

Sara Redman is a Director of SRA Corporate Change, as well as a mentor, coach, facilitator, speaker, MC, and author.

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