“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell.

Leaders are the driving force behind organisational success and the key influence on organisational culture. No amount of culture surveys, team building workshops or strategic planning sessions will deliver high performance without having a solid leadership base from which to drive the changes you seek.

Every aspect of organisational success is directly impacted by the standard of its leadership team. Every leader has a profound impact on the productivity, engagement, stress and wellbeing of the people they lead.

At SRA Corporate Change, we are focused on creating inspirational leaders.

Here are some of the things we do to help clients achieve this:

Leadership Development

When leaders understand their own personal and professional strengths, development opportunities, and those areas in which they can contribute most effectively, great things can happen. Through our Leadership Development programs, we work with senior leaders to build their capacity in driving an organisation forward with success. We develop leaders who can create environments that demand and demonstrate excellence, and cultures that expect it.

While our approach is fully tailored to suit the organisation’s needs, our unique leadership model draws on the concept of authentic leadership.  Through this, exceptional leaders are developed and potential unlocked.

Executive Coaching

Our executive clients often tell us how much they value having a coach at their side; someone to act as a sounding board, to bounce ideas off, to talk issues through with, and to help them enhance their personal, business and leadership capacity.

Executive Coaching is offered as part of our Leadership Development programs, and through this we facilitate the wellbeing, development and improved performance of both the executive and the organisation. In doing so we create a more dynamic and focused environment, and improve the performance and satisfaction of not only the executive, but those around them. Find more about our executive coaching here.

Leading Innovation

The best leaders understand the crucial role innovation plays in their organisation’s long-term success. They look for ways to create a culture of innovation that results in the launch of new products and services, entering previously untapped markets, or rethinking key processes.

The best leaders know a culture of thriving innovation creates an unrivaled competitive advantage.

But can they lead it?

Our Leading Innovation workshop offers tools and insights for leaders in order to foster innovation and encourage a culture where innovation thrives.

Unlocking Leadership Effectiveness

Effective middle managers are key to high performance – they facilitate the strategy and vision of top managers; and inspire the best from their teams. Investing in the effectiveness of middle managers can make the difference between a business surviving, and a business thriving.

Our concise, high-impact development workshops include tools and techniques to help your leaders and aspiring leaders to:

  • realise their personal potential
  • manage high performance, and
  • master difficult conversations.

Where To Now?

Is your leadership team self-aware, accountable, and inspired?

Do your leaders walk the talk and demonstrate the organisations values through their actions?

To find out more about how SRA can help you unlock the leadership potential in your organisation, contact us now.

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