How we work

Our approach delivers results and puts the client first, every time.

We know that no two people, teams, or organisations are the same, and we tailor our services to reflect this truth. By tailoring our services to suit the unique requirements of each client, we  provide high impact results and true value.

The methods we use to deliver work in our core areas of work; strategy, leadership, culture and wellbeing include, but are not limited to the below;


SRA consulting services draw on the expertise and experience of our diverse team, and our unique approach to achieving positive change ensures we provide lasting results.

When commencing to work with our clients, we first ensure we understand the organisation and the desired outcomes.

Every person, every team, and every workplace is different, and we adapt accordingly. We then prepare intelligently, which minimises waste and ensures we provide value for money.

Our delivery may include coaching, facilitation, training, workshops, and/or retreats. Every stage of our delivery is led by one of our qualified, dedicated team members, and we energise, align, and engage along the way.

We look for opportunities to accelerate change, and our goal is to leave you and your organisation with the tools you need to sustain the positive change we implement and continue to develop.

Every consulting job is completed with a thorough review which allows us to measure success.

Our consulting services are high-impact, focused and effective, with a proven tack record of ensuring:

  • your organisations ends up with a clear, positive, attainable path towards your desired future
  • your leadership team is as high impact as possible; fully self aware, accountable, and both inspired and inspiring
  • your culture is positive, effective and resilient, and aligned to the vision of the organisation
  • your people are focused, energetic, and effective, with increased levels of wellbeing.

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching is a series of one-on-one conversations between client and coach that unlock leadership potential by increasing self-awareness, building personal accountability, and igniting inspiration. Executive Coaching benefits both the executive and his/her organisation. Read more about Executive Coaching here.


SRA deliver high-impact workshops that engage the audience, challenge entrenched through, and inspire action. Some of our most requested workshops include; Energy Management, Leadership Development, High Performance Teams, Leadership Communication, Difficult Conversations, Wellbeing & Mindfulness, and more. Each workshop we deliver is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.


Our team of experienced facilitators get to the core of the matter, keep sessions focused, and deliver results. Through a strong, inclusive, challenging, yet light-hearted manner our facilitators deliver exceptional value.

Tailored programs

Our tailored programs see us partner with organisations to not only highlight the opportunity for positive change, but to drive that change to fruition. Our tailored programs are empowering, collaborative, and reflexive ensuring the client achieves their desired change.

Where To Now?

If you’re looking to unlock potential and achieve high performance, read more about what we do, or contact us.