Happy New Year!

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Well, almost.

1 July marks the beginning of a new financial year. It’s a good time of year to stop and reflect, but also to look ahead.

If your business is like most good businesses, you’ve taken this opportunity to think about your budget for the year ahead… perhaps set a few targets.

If your business is like most great businesses, you did your budgeting in the context of your strategy, which you’ve ensured is still reflective of current circumstances and where the business is heading.

And if your business is like most exceptional businesses, you’ve ALSO taken the opportunity to think about the type of leadership and culture that you will need to realise that strategy and enable your business to perform at the optimal level.


You might consider the following to get you started…..


With regards to the people leading your organisation:

  • Do they excite staff about the vision for the business – get them engaged and aligned?
  • Do they model and recognise the behaviours that are fundamental to your business’s success?
  • Are they of good character?
  • Are they strong communicators?
  • Are they supportive of the people they lead?
  • Are they able to have difficult conversations skillfully when needed?
  • Are they active in developing the people they lead?
  • Are they action oriented?


At its simplest, organisational culture is the way things get done. It is reflected in how employees behave even when they think no one is watching.  If your culture is aligned with your strategy, your business will be moving forward with ever increasing momentum. If your culture isn’t aligned with your strategy, you will feel like you a pushing a boulder uphill.

With regard to your organisational culture:

  • Does your culture enable what you are trying to achieve strategically?
  • Do your staff have a clear line of sight between what they do in their roles, and how that aligns to the realisation of your strategic objectives?
  • Do your people embrace change?
  • Are your people proud to work for your business?
  • Are your people highly engaged?
  • Is there a culture of continual improvement, and perhaps even agility?
  • Are your people customer oriented?
  • Will your people go above and beyond to deliver exceptional performance?

The above lists are by no means complete. Rather, they are a few thoughts to get your thinking started.

As we head into the new financial year – what culture does your business actually need? And what will you do next to make that a reality?

Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman is a Director of SRA Corporate Change, as well as a mentor, coach, facilitator and senior consultant. 

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