Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching unlocks the full potential of senior leaders by increasing self-awareness, building personal accountability, and igniting inspiration.

Executive Coaching achieves results in areas including personal effectiveness, influence, executive presence, balance and wellbeing, communication, confidence, performance and strategic thinking. As well as benefitting the individual, Executive Coaching has a powerful impact on the executive’s organisation, often fostering a more high-performing, focused, and dynamic environment. Results achieved through Executive Coaching often include enhanced:

  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Interpersonal and professional communication
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team performance
  • Corporate culture

Executive Coaching takes place in a completely confidential, non-judgmental setting. It is a systematic and solution-focused process that:

  1. Establishes clear goals
  2. Generates options to achieve goals
  3. Determines clear actions to achieve goals, ensuring sustainable behaviour change
  4. Reflects on changes made to better understand and ingrain new insights and approaches, and to gain clarity about the benefits to the executive and the organisation.

Your coach will listen to you fully; ask powerful questions; offer alternative perspectives; provide a sounding board; give you kind but honest feedback; hold you accountable to the actions you commit to; offer support; and always uphold the strictest confidence.

Executive Coaching provides immediate benefits and clear value for money.

SRA currently offers Executive Coaching as an optional extra to clients who are engaged in a broader program with SRA such as a leadership development program or a culture change program. SRA does not offer standalone Executive Coaching at this time, however we may be able to refer you to an SRA endorsed coaching partner.