“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker 

High performing organisations have great leaders and great strategy.  More importantly; they have positive, effective workplace cultures that are aligned to the organisation’s vision…and people who are motivated to achieve it!

An organisation’s culture is fundamental to its success (or failure). It determines how teams makes decisions, solve problems, resolve issues, work together and interact with each other and customers.

It determines whether high performance is achieved…or hindered.

At SRA, we work with organisations to leverage the positive, unique aspects of their workplace culture and create:

  • higher levels of employee engagement and workplace positivity
  • stronger teams and leaders
  • the foundations required to realise strategic objectives
  • increased levels of service, innovation and empowerment
  • standards of excellence and a performance orientation
  • higher levels of unity
  • a strong sense of identity
  • a greater commitment to the organisation’s objectives
  • improved wellbeing
  • better relationships with key stakeholders
  • clearly defined standards of behaviour

How’s your workplace culture?

Do your people believe in and feel inspired by the core purpose of your business?

Do the daily interactions of your team reflect the vision of your organisation?

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Organisational Culture Change

Change is essential in taking an organisation from what it presently is towards what it has the potential to be.  Achieving positive, enduring change can require fundamental shifts in attitudes, behaviours and practices at every level of the organisation.

Our culture change programs tap into the underlying values of team members and help them align with the vision and objectives of the organisation; translating values into behaviours, increasing engagement, trust, positivity, and the performance of both team members and the organisation as a whole.

Creating and embedding positive change isn’t about making more work – it’s about working differently to create an effective workplace culture capable of achieving high performance.

Our approach is fully tailored to the needs of the organisation, and based on a highly regarded, proven model that delivers results.

Understanding Culture

A great way to obtain a broad understanding of your organisation’s current workplace culture is through a survey where every employee has the opportunity to contribute.  The SRA Culture Survey focuses on elements of alignment, engagement and capability – all key to achieving a high performance culture.

The survey is conducted in such a manner that we are able to provide an overall organisational score for each of the three key elements, along with a report on your culture at an organisational level, by team and/or by location.  This breakdown ensures that any subsequent action or change is well targeted and not simply a broad-brush response.

We then meet with a representative sample of your employees via individual interviews, and/or focus groups to ‘unpack’ results and obtain a more comprehensive ‘understanding of culture’ at your organisation.

Engaging with employees in this way enables further insights to be uncovered in a confidential setting; encouraging openness, promoting constructive input into key areas of opportunity, and assisting in demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to follow-up and action.  With this additional information, we then provide you with a report on key themes and recommended areas of focus to assist with any future strategies and action planning.

Living Our Values

Values should be the foundation of a strong, positive culture; articulating desirable and undesirable behaviours is a powerful step in creating this.  Having clarity around behaviours which do and do not align with the values of the organisation is one of the most powerful ways of deeply embedding the types of behaviours that the organisation wishes to have as characteristics of the culture it seeks.

Without clarity, it is unlikely that employees will have a common understanding of what is expected.

‘Living Our Values’ involves not only working with you to identify organisational values (if not already in place), but also translating these values into behaviours, and ensuring that they are reflected in the way that people work.

Thriving Through Change

As part of the process of ensuring that your people are ready for change, and best prepared to perform during and after this change, we offer a series of workshops designed to do just that. The topics are agreed on in consultation, but may include:

  • The need for change – understanding individual responses to change, dealing with resistance to change, discussing the elephants in the room, why change is necessary, and taking a positive approach to change.
  • The unified team – a session designed to improve working relationships and bring people together behind the common Purpose and Vision.
  • Maintaining effectiveness during change – a look at personal, team and organisational effectiveness. This session includes consideration of the impact of change on people’s roles, and often includes an element of discussion around the idea of emotional intelligence and its value during times of change.
  • Communication – its importance in times of change, becoming a better communicator, and identifying organisational opportunities to improve communication.
  • Innovation at work – being open to new ideas and other ways of doing things. Establishing mechanisms for raising ideas and suggestions for ongoing organisational improvements

Where To Now?

What are the unique aspects of your workplace culture? How can we capitalise on them to help you build a positive workplace culture that will allow your business to flourish? Contact us now to find out.

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