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Courageous Board Conversations

November 03, 2019 by

In an organisational context, one of the ultimate arenas for courage and vulnerability is the Boardroom. Courage is about taking action despite the existence of fear, and as such requires the presence of vulnerability – to own your fear, and to accept that the ideal outcome is not necessarily a certainty, and in fact, that […]

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Q&A with Lola Cowle

July 26, 2019 by

SRA would like to introduce you to Lola Cowle. 

Lola is the Senior Executive Officer at the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF). The Tasmanian Community Fund’s invests in, and strengthens Tasmanian communities by providing grants to support community projects.

We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about Lola!

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Gratitude: why it’s important for our wellbeing

April 10, 2017 by

Gratitude. What does it mean to you? Does it make you think of a reduction in stress and disease? Improved psychological and physiological wellbeing? Good sleep? Increased happiness and reduced depression? How about success, motivation and an increased bottom line? It should. Embedding gratitude into your organisations culture has countless benefits. It increases trust, improves […]

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Unrealistic time frames are limiting your true potential

March 28, 2017 by

With seemingly never ending to-do lists many leaders find themselves endeavouring to pack as much into their time schedule as possible.  To describe it as being ‘overly optimistic’ about what can be achieved in a certain amount of time is an immense understatement. Studies into time management tell us that a task almost always takes […]

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Community Leader Insights… Hugh McKenzie, Lynda McKay and Curly Haslam-Coates

February 15, 2017 by

As part of our first Tasmanian Community Fund Emerging Community Leaders Program residential we were fortunate enough to hear from three inspiring community leaders. After their presentation we briefly asked them all a small handful of questions about community leadership. Hugh, Lynda and Curley, thank you for your time… You were all truely inspiring!   […]

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The Board Owns Culture

December 05, 2016 by

The Board Owns Culture. A bold claim! And one which SRA recently pitched to members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). The groundswell is growing. Regulators around the world have identified organisational culture as a key focus for company directors. AICD recently stated that the causal link between culture and performance is such that […]

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Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

November 03, 2016 by

SRA Corporate Change had a great time at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Excellence Awards, held on the 22nd of October 2016 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. Nominated for Professional Services, Excellence in Innovation and Excellence in Customer Service, SRA were lucky enough to receive the award for Professional Services which was sponsored […]

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Virtues at work

November 02, 2016 by

If you’ve had much to do with our approach to leadership development, you’ll know we employ a character based approach; we believe that being a good person is absolutely essential to being a good leader. Our change agent, Toby Newstead, is looking at this very topic via her PhD research. Her work demonstrates how virtues such as courage, justice, humanity, […]

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The power of assuming positive intent

October 10, 2016 by

Until recently, I would have never considered myself one to assume that the actions of others were driven by negative intent. Yet if anyone – especially someone at work, were to say to me “we need to talk,” I would find myself filled with worry, racking my brain to think of what I might have […]

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