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Three reasons why change in an organisation is like changing your name

June 12, 2015 by

Recently, I was one of those lucky ladies to walk down the aisle and get married to the man of my dreams. As those of who are married would know, this is without doubt one of the best days of your life. However, like all great things in life, there are many associated challenges and hurdles. […]

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Why stress is good

November 06, 2013 by

Wait…Stress is a good thing? Yes! In fact we need to have a certain amount of stress in our lives to perform optimally personally and professionally.  If we didn’t have any stress, we would become couch potatoes, and this may sound enticing to you right now, but surely the sense of doing nothing would wear […]

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Stress less – do one thing


My previous post explains the Best way to Beat Stress (read it here). The purpose of this post is to provide you with a more comprehensive list of things you can do; simple actions you can take to reduce your sense of overwhelm, to regain control, and to beat stress. Breathe deeply Walk away Do the ‘FEEL-NEED’ […]

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The best way to beat stress


When you feel the most stressed, you also feel the most overwhelmed, out of control and powerless.  The key is to bring back your sense of control by taking action.  Doing one thing, a small thing, anything that is consciously chosen is the first step to climb out of the ‘overwhelm’. This may sound overly […]

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Be better in Business – 5 Tips to Get Simple

October 02, 2013 by

When we ask, most business owners tell us they went into business for reasons such as; choice, flexibility, control, wealth creation and freedom. But often these benefits fail to materialise. It’s difficult to keep the benefits (freedom, choice, wealth) in balance with the demands of running a business, such as looking after staff, maintaining client […]

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Wellbeing and you

July 18, 2013 by

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Adjusting to change – my return to work

June 06, 2013 by

As the mother of two young children, returning to work was something I feared and welcomed in equal proportions. My fears and doubts were all the normal ones; am I doing the right thing by my children? Am I being selfish? What happens if my child needs me and I am not there? What if […]

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Change – jump on & enjoy the ride

May 16, 2013 by

It’s said that the only constant in life is change. Sometimes we choose to create change. Other times we are simply affected by changes that occur around us. Whether we initiate the change or not, we can always choose how we respond. And our response plays a big role in how we perceive and benefit […]

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Reduce complexity, create growth

February 11, 2013 by

Do you sometimes find yourself marveling at how ‘complex’ life has become? Or doing things that you’d rather not be doing? While this can happen in any aspect of our lives, if you run a business there’s a fairly good chance that you’ve answered yes to both of these questions. But it doesn’t have to […]

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